Private Equity

Innovations at the speed of light


Improvements and innovations have always been built on the foundations of their predecessors.

Horses to buggies to automobiles
Signal fires to drums to telegraph to telephone
Mail to email to texting

At the end of World War II, the jet engine was just being introduced and 24 years later, a man walked on the moon–now Mars is within reach.

Some innovations are very simple.
It can come down to just marketing and packaging.
Gelatin was around long before it was called Jello.
Silly Putty and Play Do were used in construction.
In the 1970s, Tang was designed to be a lightweight, non-space consuming beverage.
The Mood Ring and Pet Rock…Hello?

What I find truly amazing is how fast these innovations are happening.  

The iPad did not exist three years ago.  Up until just a few years ago, physicians did not use mobile phones other than for phone calls. Now it’s as common as using a stethoscope.

With each new innovation step comes incredible opportunity. As investors and entrepreneurs, our antennas must be up at all times. Everybody has the chance to “be there” when “it” happens, but you must be willing to be open to these situations. You have to constantly be searching. Opportunities may never be in your own backyard. Opportunities are global.

This is what drives Grace Century.  To be forward thinking. To identify only the important opportunities and help facilitate change.  To hopefully improve lives, but also profit at the same time.

Everyday is Christmas morning for Grace Century–we’re continually “waiting to open the packages under the tree.”  Unfortunately, not all of these packages are always that wonderful or what we actually even wanted. The trick is to find and open only the very best packages (opportunities) we can get in front of.

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