Looking for direction in your investments?

Let’s face it, investing isn’t always the easiest thing in life. You want to invest in things that have already proven themselves, but that can be the “kiss of death”.  In this case, the investment has already come to fruition. compas

Investing in people who know how to find winners is better, but again… they have already achieved what they have done and not all techniques or systems work in all types of markets. Personally, I find that knowing and understanding trends and developing Industries is a good way to help me pick winners, or at the very least help me reduce my risk. It is kind of like “a rising tide lifts all boats”. If an industry is going to expand quickly, then most companies in this area have a good chance of success.

As a recent article in the Dubai Chronicle noted,whether you are looking for investments or future careers, knowing which industries and sectors have the greatest growth opportunities will drastically increase your odds of being in the “right ballpark at the right time”. Most experts give a 2-5 year time horizon, but it’s important to expand that to a decade.

According to the National Venture Capital Association, four major industries show the most promise within the next 10 years. Just for bragging rights, Grace Century’s two projects are smack in the middle of this bull’s-eye (electronic medical records and bio-banking in stem cells).

Health systems and health productssnowballfield

Aging demographics and technology have created a perfect storm. This is the result of a crippling burden in healthcare costs around the world, as well as the demand for improved care. Electronic medical records answer this problem with an imminent solution. The good news is that the electronic medical record products that are out there now have not (yet) met the need.

Enterprise Information

Office 365 is the example here and the need for information management. All that data has to be managed.

Mobile Enterprise management software

BOYD is “bring your own device”. Data in the cloud and the apps that are used and managed have created a brand new frontier. Data Analysis and mining If everything that is seen as a frontier is data (Big Brother and 1984 was right) then remember, data is only data. Data is not information, unless it is mined and organized into a useful format. Companies in today’s “electronic society” that can gather this information and use it themselves or provide it to other companies will win.

signssignsThe signs are clear!

As always, you have to be looking and aware that the signs are there. It’s up to you as to whether you follow and take advantage of these signs or you ignore them and follow “the herd”. We all know what happens to sheep and cattle.

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