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Grace Century Invests in the Future

Grace Century Invests in the FutureThe Jetsons was an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera, originally airing in primetime from 1962 to 1963. The Jetsons lived in the year 2062, in a futuristic utopia (100 years in the future at the time of the show’s debut) of elaborate robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms, and whimsical inventions.

Flying cars, jet packs, robot servants, ovens that could cook food a minute, mobile phones (heck, even video phones!) …any of those sound familiar?

Star Trek had replicators that could make anything. How about communicators? This was before mobile phones, microwaves, and Skype. If they could imagine it, it eventually became a reality.

The ironic part of life imitating art is that the answers to financial freedom have always been right in front of us all the time. If Grace Century Invests in the Futureyou were looking for the Next Big Thing, there it was. Remember the line in the movie, The Graduate, “I have just one word for you Benjamin…Plastics…there is a great future in plastics”. That was 1967.

These are the kinds of projects we look for at Grace Century. Our Electronic Medical Records platform has its telemedicine portal. Our Stem Cell Bio Bank project is the Segway to new organs, curing diseases, and changing medicine. Remember Star Wars?

3-D Printers

Brought to me 5 years ago as an oddity, I missed this one! These printers are able to intricately and exactly reproduce (theoretically) Grace Century Invests in the Futureanything. Sent to me yesterday was an article, 50 ideas that will change the world (many of these I have seen years ago), was an incredible example of how they are building houses in China and Amsterdam, from recycled plastic bricks made by printers. The cost: $6,000 USD, and the time, 24 hours! Today, I also heard that the Space Station is receiving a 3-D printer to replicate needed parts, via Mr. Elon Musk of course, saving months of waiting for another supplying shuttle.

If you feel that the world is moving so fast, you’re right. Innovations are happening quicker than ever as the next breakthrough is built upon the previous one. The point is that the opportunities are around us every day, and you have to be open to looking for them and seeing where they are.3d

It can be scary, but I find it fascinating. Where will we be in 10…no…50 years? Let me go watch some cartoons and movies, and I’ll get back to you.

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