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One Man Cannot Change the Flow of an Ocean

The President of the United States

President Barack Obama

A recent Huffington Post Comedy Video boasts of United States’ President Obama’s recent victories, which were decided in the U.S. Supreme Court including keeping intact his landmark health bill, and winning new trade agreements. It continues this week with the opening of Cuban embassies and the subsequent resumption of relations after 50 years of isolation, as well as monumental deals with Iran over nuclear sanctions and their respective isolation.

Not bad for someone who is supposed to be in the last two years of a “lame duck” presidency?

But one has to ask…”can one man be responsible for all this”?

In my opinion the answer is no. For those that speak ill of him, like some of my staunch Republican friends, he makes for an easy target and scapegoat. They loathe him and attack him to the point of disgust. On the other side, the non-informed left liberals; they view him as the embodiment of a miracle. The truth is of course in the middle, with my opinion …being the right person, at the right place in time and history. I argue that it was just time for change.

As far as “Obamacare” and changes in the U.S. healthcare, it was the result of a crumbling (and still is ) system where there is continued escalating costs, layers of red tape, and domination by the U.S. insurance industry. It took the courage of Obama to get this done, especially after many have tried, but the fact of the matter is that something had to happen. Having been personally an uninsured person in the system due to pre-existing conditions from high blood pressure and cholesterol, I understand. How foolish, because my condition was managed by medicine and probably non-existent after dropping 30 pounds. The instalment of Obamacare didn’t happen overnight and was the result of 50 years of a manipulated and abused system. The chickens finally came home to roost!

Is President Obama responsible for all of these monumental deals?

Is President Obama responsible for all of these monumental deals?

Let me address Cuba: 50 years of isolation. After the “Bay of Pigs” and the missile crisis, after the separation of families, after billions of dollars of lost business opportunities to China and Russia, and after a whole generation passing…it was time. Many will argue that the U.S. created the situation, having made multiple mistakes during the “cold war”. These included well-documented and failed espionage attempts. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, it must be agreed that the Cuban people have suffered. There are virtually no cars older than 1961, with no replacement infrastructure. They have been isolated from the world, by being classified as a terrorist state by the U.S. This normalisation of relations will open the floodgates to business, tourism, and trade. Millionaires will be made.

Again the right place at the right time. Most people on both sides were not even alive when this all happened in 1959-1961.

How about Iranian agreements to halt and monitor nuclear development, and the subsequent lifting of sanctions? This is an extremely complicated affair with both financial and political implications. Only looking at the human side I will refer to what Bill Clinton has always said, “Give a man a future for him and his family. Give him the opportunity to make a living and feed his family. Give him the chance of self-dignity…it will make the world safer”. Like Cuba, there will be great business opportunities.

Historic things have happened, whether you agree with them or not. Just realize that these social and economic changes came after the fight, effort, and many years of groundbreaking achievements. We are seeing the end result of the metamorphosis in generations. It was not the result of one man. Society has had to give a “nod”, as it didn’t happen in a laboratory or vacuum.

What did happen is that the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S.; the U.S. President, took the stand and at personal political peril to say “go”. It’s amazing what can happen when you don’t need to play politics. Society took the opportunity and ran with it. It was the right person at the right time. My point is that the foundation was already there.

Again, without agreeing or condemning any of this…It’s exciting to imagine where we might be in the next 50 years?

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