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Hello Comrade!

comradesThe “writing was on the wall” when George Orwell wrote his classic 1984, as far back as 1949.This novel depicted the struggle of class warfare, where the world was manipulated by the privileged elite inner circle, and of course all was monitored by “Big Brother”.

It has always fascinated how life has imitated art.


Of course if you compare today’s world to 1949…it is “Big Brother”, with U.S. Government wire taps, monitoring of international fund transfers, and the list goes on and on. Candidly, I really don’t have an issue with this, as I feel it is there to keep me safe. In today’s world, in my opinion, these things are necessary evils.

Let’s get back to “class warfare”.

As the rich keep getting richer, left wing agendas in the United States keep taking hold. A recent article in financial pages reports that public companies may now have to disclose the income disparity between the CEO’s and its other workers.

Wait a second!

I’ll never forget when I started working for my father right out of college. He wanted me to learn the business, and he wanted me to do it the “old fashioned way”, like he did…from the bottom–up. I was armed with newly printed college diplomas and my first order of business was to empty the waste baskets. What?!How could this be? What was worst is that my starting salary was to be $300/week. I stormed up to his office to voice my displeasure and to clarify that this had to be a mistake. Like a lion waiting for his prey, he smiled.

“Son” he said. “If the president of the United States or a neurosurgeon was hired to empty the wastebaskets…what do you think he would get paid?” I thought for a moment. This had to be a trick question. I answered of course incorrectly with a six figure amount. He explained calmly ”it doesn’t matter who empties the wastebasket…that job only pays a certain amount for that skill set”.

Do you think that everyone has the skill set to run companies? Managing people, analyzing financial projections, strategic decision making, and the politics…oh yes…the politics of running a publicly traded firm! My guess is that some of these CEO’s don’t get paid ENOUGH!

The last time I checked the “Cold War” was over, and Capitalism triumphed. This promised a society where hard work and loyalty allowed for individuals to pursue happiness and work for a better life. You wanted a raise… you stayed late and showed up early. You wanted to advance into the next higher position; you learned how to do it before you got there. This was rewarded with financial gains.

What we did get was that the other society’s, like Russia and China, became Capitalistic powerhouses, and the economies like the United States became “mommy states”. My point: examples like demands for minimum wages at fast food restaurants, enough to support a family of 5 just won’t work. Like my waste basket experience….that job just doesn’t pay that!

Is being successful wrong or bad? It is like they are saying its ok to have the American dream.. be successful…just be careful to not be too successful.

In conclusion, U.S. lawmakers are elected to make laws. It amazes me that they keep making laws. But at the end of the day, they really don’t have to worry if the U.S. government is making or losing money. Wouldn’t it be nice if they concentrated more on solving problems, rather than pointing fingers?


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