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What’s All The “Noise” About Self-Driving Cars?

self_driving_car_blog_1Every firm is working on self-driving cars…why?

My confusion could stem from the fact that I am an American. Running through our veins, there must be a high grade oil suitable for our beloved muscle cars of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.We have songs, T.V. shows, and music all centered on our cherished rides. Route 66, drive-inns (eating or movies), drive through’s, drive ups… drive, drive, drive!

Maybe it’s the fact that I just did a “driving experience” through Waldorf Astoria’s flagship hotel property here in Ras Al Khamiah. Every year (for two running), this exclusive / premier hotel hosts a day out in exotic “Super-cars”. Last year, selected guests were given a chance to drive three Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren models through the Jais Mountains. This weekend, I got the shot at 3 new “Hurracan” Lamborghini models. Going through the mountain curves with the wind blowing in my hair and the 600 horsepower growling in my ears, there is a smile on my face that hasn’t been there since I was a child. Come on guys…you know what I am talking about! The feeling is somewhere between Christmas morning and a giddy school kid’s face on the school bell ringing for summer.

Who the hell wants a self-driving car?!

It’s got to be the perfectionists. People looking to squeeze that last bit of productivity out of our “plugged in”, “voice recognized”, fingerprint accessed, Siri dependent pores. Think of all the time that is wasted driving back and forth to where ever we are going. We could use that time for emails, conference calls, or Facebook. Hey, we can hit “two birds with one stone” by using the driverless car and play “Pokemon Go”!self_driving_car_blog_2

It could be the “Safe Driving” advocates. Mothers that would roll us up in bubble-wrap and never have us get into a car if it was their choice.

Can it be the car companies, themselves? Ok, they like to come out with new models every year, but this is a bit excessive…isnt it?

The visionaries…yes that’s it. They want to take my car away! The people who will have us continuously march towards that futuristic land of the 60’s cartoon The Jetsons or movies like Total Recall .I have news for you, we are already there.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of these “Car guys”. I don’t know what size my engine is in my car, and God-forbid if I get a flat tire. It’s call the tow company or get a new car. I’d like to think that somethings could stay the same. In that Lamborghini, there was really nothing quite like it. The feel of the road, the pure excitement of a turn, and the roar of the engine… it was awesome. I don’t think that a self-driving car will ever go main-stream. I am sure if you asked the saddle makers and stage coach people back in the late 1800’s they would have agreed with me.

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