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Trump’s 12 Days of Christmas – A Look at the Proposed Appointees for Cabinet by Trump

days-of-christmas-blog-1In the latest instalment of the Film series “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, the character Jake Moore (the idealistic stock broker son-in law) asks one of the Billionaire Investors “What’s your number?”

Perplexed, the Billionaire asks for clarification.

Jake replies “How much is enough, how much money is enough ….what’s your number?”

The Billionaire smiles and says “MORE”

The average American on the street knows better, however (sarcasm just in case you didn’t know). Why would a Billionaire take a government position for a measly $200,000-400,000/yr! They are doing it to help their country! They don’t need the money. They are businessmen and know how to run things! With Trump’s recently appointed “Dream Team”, the Country is saved and the swamp is drained, which was the campaign battle cry.

Before I get into “Crony Capitalism”, the boys club getting together, and the 12 days of Christmas …indulge me one more story to explain why.

days-of-christmas-blog-2It’s the Scorpion and the Frog, having to cross the river to escape the rising waters. The Scorpion asks for help from the Frog to ride on its back. The Frog knows better and says “why would I do this…you are a Scorpion, you will sting me and we will both die if you do this”. The Scorpion assures him he won’t and they cross. Halfway, the Scorpion strikes a deadly blow to the back of the Frog he was riding. The frog looks up and asks why?

The Scorpion answers “I am a Scorpion…That’s what we do.”

days-of-christmas-blog-3On the First day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Rex Tillerson/Secretary of State

Tillerson, 64, outgoing chairman of ExxonMobil.

Net Worth: Unknown for sure, but holds $151M in Exxon Stock.

With a history of close business ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who bestowed the Order of Friendship on Tillerson in 2013, we have an obvious conflict of interest. He signed a 2011 agreement giving his energy company access to the huge resources under the Russian Arctic in return for giving the giant state-owned Russian oil company, OAO Rosneft, the opportunity to invest in ExxonMobil’s operations overseas.

days-of-christmas-blog-4On the Second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Steve Mnuchin/ Secretary of Treasury

Mnuchin, 53, Ex Goldman Sachs Management Committee Member, Vulture capitalist of failed house lender IndyMac, Hedge fund Chairman and dubbed “the foreclosure king”.

Net Worth: $40M… Relatively light… But there is plenty of time.

days-of-christmas-blog-5On the Third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Wilbur Ross/Secretary of Commerce

Ross, 79, is a Billionaire Investor, known for his aggressiveness and sense for blood.  He was keen to collect and sell failing steel and coal companies. Again, has nicknames like” Vulture” and King of bankruptcy”…not because he had a bankruptcy, but because he was so good at dismantling and extracting profit from failing businesses.

Net Worth: $2.9B (that’s a B)

Are we starting to see a common theme in this song?

days-of-christmas-blog-6On the Fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Linda McMahon/ Secretary of Small Business Administration

McMahon, 68, Entertainment Mogul of WWE. She Donated Millions to the Trump campaign and foundations after losing twice in her own Senate runs.

Net Worth: $1B

McMahon sounds perfect to help the young starting entrepreneurs of the USA. (Not REALLY)

Ok, it can’t all be this obvious, right?

days-of-christmas-blog-7On the Fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Betsy Devos/ Secretary of Education

Devos…A Business woman, who was the champion of school vouchers and invests in clean energy! All right…we got something here now. Clean Energy…we can work with that!

Family and in laws:

  • Parents Billionaire Industrialists
  • Brother founded Blackwater (you know, those private military guys in every movie)
  • Father-in-law cofounded Amway
  • Net Worth: $$$$

I can go on and on – for example, Carl Ichan (New worth of $17.6B) as Regulatory Czar (what the hell is a Regulatory Czar?), and the non-moneyed people who make up the extreme right like Steve Bannon, as Chief Strategist. He’s especially scary! His website has been quoted as a clearing house for “hate speech”. The Defence and Military picks are like General Patton on Steroids, represent the most “hawkish” of views and in my opinion risk whatever “street credibility“ the U.S. might still have left.

“Just like the good ole days!” Let’s make America great again! Those were the campaign slogans.

I came very close to just calling this blog the “Fox guards the hen house”. Whatever we had in the U.S. before, this couldn’t be a more opposite image. You almost can picture the big leather chairs, cigar smoke hovering in the air, and the smell of a fine scotch. One big feeding at the trough is about to commence. That’s what I see.

Time will tell. If someone could get Trump’s “Twitter “account shut off, we might still have a shot.

The views expressed in this article represent those of Scott Wolf solely, and should not be inferred to represent the views of any other person or entity.


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