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Parents, here is your warning light

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 9.40.19 PMOk, so you can call me a dinosaur, an old guy, a relic…whatever you want. As my father always said “experience is wasted on the old, and youth is wasted on the young”. The fact is, I run my own company, I still hire people, and for the time being you youngsters still must deal with me!

So, what’s my Issue? Well there are a few that I see, at least for the time being; a problem.


No matter what “school of thought” you come from or age group, I think most people will agree that education is the key to a person’s career success, and that can be argued all the way to a country’s standing, and even society as a whole. No matter what field someone ends up in (and this is changing fast) I think most people will agree with the fact that education is the “lynch pin” for a successful career. We can argue on quality, but this blog today isn’t about rating universities. Yes, I think we must focus on new industries like 3-D Printing, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics (not really new but only now coming to the forefront. I had that argument with my Dad on robotics 40 years and if any of you read my past blogs, you know he ruined many a creative idea) Ironically, the issue starts well before the higher education years.

Telling time

Clock on brick wallYou won’t believe this, so you must watch this excerpt from the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show .Schools are taking out analog clocks from the class rooms because kids have not been taught how to read time. A recent report from the U.K., stated that they believe up to 80% of the children under the age of 10 years do NOT know how to tell time from an analog clock. In the world of smart phones, computers, and the digitalization of society, this common yet essential skill has been thrown by the wayside. Anyone have an issue in hiring someone who can’t tell time?

Cursive handwriting

 A staple in every Second-Grade classroom, I think we can all remember the borders along the chalkboard (hell, I haven’t checked…they might have gotten rid of those too!). ; Cursive Handwriting is no longer being taught in grammar schools. While this was reported a few years ago, some states are fighting to bring it back.

how to write letter H worksheet for kidsI’m sorry, but are you telling me we will be able to write in cursive and it can be used as a secret agent’s code?! For the record, mine is so bad is might as well be a secret code, or I should have become a doctor…but come on! Again, I have to ask, does anyone want to hire someone who can’t pass them a note in the middle of a meeting without first texting it, instant messaging it, emailing it or tweeting it? I am not asking for courier pigeons, jungle drums or smoke signals. Just teach the kids how to write!

Is anything sacred?

Tying shoes!

Yes, that’s right. In a recent report approximately half under 12, couldn’t tie their own shoe laces, relying on Velcro. Throw in 25% can’t confidently use a knife and fork, and 44% can’t read a map. Is it just me?

Ok, I understand Google maps and Garmin has changed the world. I get it, things are different. In fifty years, when all the “old guard” are dead and gone from the old order, I guess you guys can do what you want. Until then, if you want a job, you better come to the interview with a one-page resume, on time, and had sent it to me before as a PDF (only about 10% of the CV’s I receive now are in this format).You better had done some research on my industry and company, have clear defined goals, and realize the world does not owe you a living. To all you parents out there…unless you want to support your kids until you are dead and gone…better cover your phone and ask your kids what time it is.

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